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Mike Mueller

Wow. Tony I almost feel my comment isn't worthy. Wow! Thank you for sharing this. I am deeply touched.

The Mortgage Cicerone

Hi Mike - I actually thought this would be a story you would like. Isn't it a touching and powerful story?


Great story and great message. Kyle sounds like the type who absolutely did pay it forward.

Kind of cool to think of how your choice to act may have facilitated a chain of similar unselfish actions.


Phoenix Real Estate

Praise God! The world would be so much better if everyone just gave a little more, whether it be their time, their skills or giving financially to the less fortunate. Great post!

Bob Stewart

Thank you for the uplifting message. Many people don't get the chance to hear/comprehend the results of their good deeds so it must have been very fulfilling to 'realize the depth' of that moment.

I'm going with choice #1 :)

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